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XiCA establishes the heating film of stability on a worldwide scale.
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carbon film underfloor heating, infrared heating film korea XiCA heating film is the cutting edge far infrared surface phase heating element
which is spread by carbon heating element on the base film of the insulation and
the anti-flammable material and peels the activated carbon, the adsorbent for poll
used material and is treated by laminating in PET heating film after making the electrode by copper booth bar.
Other than the general heater, you can feel warm like sun shine by the radiation of
far infrared ray by the carbon heating element spread all the heating films.
And, the film heater can be used for almost semi-permanent thanks to outer PET
material, special material and the treatment by special waterproof not to contact
with air and the advanced heater heating for the wall, the ceiling and the floor.

heating film korea

XiCA heating film which is spread by the carbon, the high resisting element, on the
PET heating film and generates the heat by the carbon is made by the precise printing
technology that can have the feature of less than 1 micron on process.
It is the high tech heating film which is made of the carbon booth bar treated by
the heat under more than 150℃ and can be used for semi-permanent unless cut
by scissors.
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